‘Cloud 909’ Glitching Experiment


Iv always been obsessed with creating disturbance and distortions on analog recordings. But sat by my computer twiddling my tumbs, I decided to give a go at sticking purely with what I could create with my phone.
Taking pictures from the web and creating destroyed, glitched out messes with a handful of glitching apps and then taking the images and using VDMX to animate layers, I created a continuous take recorded again with my phone and imported to ableton where I arranged the clips. Only a couple of hours work, but an interesting idea for a future video project.

Music by LONE


[SPLASH009] “Seapunk Volume 2” – Coral Records Internazionale

Coral, TSARS

Title : Seapunk Volume 2

Label : Coral Records Internazionale
Release Date : December 15, 2013
Catalogue Number : [SPLASH009]

Limited Edition Compact Disc [100 Copies]

DJ Mix by : TSARS
Video by : Frank Wallace

Official Release Track Listing :

2. Talk – Memorial
3. 25indica – SSS
4. Fina – 4 (The Beat) O’Clock
5. Vtgnike – Sladka Yagoda
6. Seablaze – Senpai’s Touch
7. Luke’s Anger – Biscuit Trap
8. Anthony Foster – P
9. Hypo77 – Fleeting Moment
10. Umbertron – Fleshdance
11. SICH MANG – Bambi
12. DJ Earl – Break
13. Golden Boy – Mikazuki 5
14. Pimpspomp (Luvraw & DJ Mayaku) – Paya
15. Fazerock – Dunkin’ Donuts Without Milk
16. Lars Warn – Germs

Get the release here – http://coralrecords.bandcamp.com/albu…
Merchandise Available through – http://www.MAINFRAME.im