Exclusive Interview and Album Stream w/ Ultrademon via electronicbeats.net


Seapunk: it’s a genre oft-derided by dumb idiot critics, stolen by pop star’s stylists, and generally treated with the same amount of respect that goth, punk and basically any other ‘strange’ youth culture has (healthgoth doesn’t count because it’s just not eating bread in a black tank top), only with the perspective of ADD URL attitudes.

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Watch Ultrademon’s glitchy and hyperreal new video. via Dazed and Confused


“Ultrademon’s second LP Voidic Charms, which follows his debut for Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label. Featuring backup vocals from The GTW, the darkly melodic “Drive U Crazy” (feat Zombelle) shares territory with the PC Music clan, infecting polygenre dance beats and garish computer graphics with a sense of post-identity uncanny. That creepiness manifests in the oversaturated video (made by CVVVLT in collaboration with Coral Records Internazionale), which propels you into the throes of a nautical dystopia, like a summer cruise designed by Hieronymus Bosch.”

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