A documented Anxiety Attack..


The time Paul dragged me to an abandoned paint factory.


‘Cloud 909’ Glitching Experiment


Iv always been obsessed with creating disturbance and distortions on analog recordings. But sat by my computer twiddling my tumbs, I decided to give a go at sticking purely with what I could create with my phone.
Taking pictures from the web and creating destroyed, glitched out messes with a handful of glitching apps and then taking the images and using VDMX to animate layers, I created a continuous take recorded again with my phone and imported to ableton where I arranged the clips. Only a couple of hours work, but an interesting idea for a future video project.

Music by LONE

[SPLASH009] “Seapunk Volume 2” – Coral Records Internazionale

Coral, TSARS

Title : Seapunk Volume 2

Label : Coral Records Internazionale
Release Date : December 15, 2013
Catalogue Number : [SPLASH009]

Limited Edition Compact Disc [100 Copies]

DJ Mix by : TSARS
Video by : Frank Wallace

Official Release Track Listing :

2. Talk – Memorial
3. 25indica – SSS
4. Fina – 4 (The Beat) O’Clock
5. Vtgnike – Sladka Yagoda
6. Seablaze – Senpai’s Touch
7. Luke’s Anger – Biscuit Trap
8. Anthony Foster – P
9. Hypo77 – Fleeting Moment
10. Umbertron – Fleshdance
11. SICH MANG – Bambi
12. DJ Earl – Break
13. Golden Boy – Mikazuki 5
14. Pimpspomp (Luvraw & DJ Mayaku) – Paya
15. Fazerock – Dunkin’ Donuts Without Milk
16. Lars Warn – Germs

Get the release here – http://coralrecords.bandcamp.com/albu…
Merchandise Available through – http://www.MAINFRAME.im