Jonathon Chapman, aka Ecco Foul is a member of the ‘SØM’ pan-media art collective from Manchester UK who’s work spans disciplines from sound design to visual arts & live performance.

Residents specialise in using ‘legacy’ technology and engineering techniques to create controlled distortions an interferences in analog and digital recordings. Utilising an collection of vintage machines and foley recordings, Ecco Foul’s music richoches from Techno and House to Ambient and has found home on various labels from Chicago’s ‘Coral Recordings’ to his own white label imprint ‘Kelder Records’.

Kelder was founded as a restriction-free outlet for formal release and live performance recordings for the members of the ‘SØM Arts Collective’ as well as a small number of artists from across Europe and North America. The label produce limited press white label vinyl and cassette releases for online sale and independent records supply in the UK and Japan where Ecco is pending release of his live performance works ‘Innovations in the Dynamics of Jack’ and ‘SØM Fatigue’.



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