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Seapunk: it’s a genre oft-derided by dumb idiot critics, stolen by pop star’s stylists, and generally treated with the same amount of respect that goth, punk and basically any other ‘strange’ youth culture has (healthgoth doesn’t count because it’s just not eating bread in a black tank top), only with the perspective of ADD URL attitudes.

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Watch Ultrademon’s glitchy and hyperreal new video. via Dazed and Confused


“Ultrademon’s second LP Voidic Charms, which follows his debut for Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label. Featuring backup vocals from The GTW, the darkly melodic “Drive U Crazy” (feat Zombelle) shares territory with the PC Music clan, infecting polygenre dance beats and garish computer graphics with a sense of post-identity uncanny. That creepiness manifests in the oversaturated video (made by CVVVLT in collaboration with Coral Records Internazionale), which propels you into the throes of a nautical dystopia, like a summer cruise designed by Hieronymus Bosch.”

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2 Years ago I moved to the area of Manchester described by Peter Hook as the environment that provoked Joy Devision to take a shot at the word. Being a musician with so much reverence to early acid house and new wave, moving to Blackfriars for me was a decision to surround myself with the same (all be it now cleaner) air.
My idea for this project was to create a visualisation of myself becoming confused and distracted by vivid ideas and inspiration coming from myself and my surroundings. It was to be shot via my point of view, follow me walking to work, the shop, falling asleep on the sofa, going for a cigarette. The distractions wound be layered and difficult to look at or focus on. There would be the idea of something screaming to get my attention.

To do this I used an Olloclip 4-in-1 lens attachment for the iPhone 5S. I discovered that switching between the crop for photo and video on the iPhone meant I wouldn’t not be able to film inside the entire angle of the fisheye. To combat this I experimented with various photography apps that would counteract the cameras inherent lens crop. I discovered that the 8mm film app that I intended to use from the beginning did just this. I began filming the POV shots with the camera secured to my head. I repeated using the 8mm film app and the fish eye lens to record a television playing back some of my earlier glitching experiments. I them imported some of the footage into the Cimemagraph+ App that allowed me to create masks between clips with hand drawn lines of text. Over a few days i had build up a library of hand drawn quotations and film clips. I imported to Final Cut Pro, building layers of the footage and altering opacity I completed two arrangements of the project, one primarily for myself, a full length 3 minute version that I felt personally obligated to complete as the length allowed me to come closer to achieving what I set out to do and a 90 second edited version for the purposes of this assessment.

I hope you enjoy.

Full Version

90 Second Version

Technology used:
iPhone 5S
Olloclip Fisheye Lens
Olloclip Wide Angle Lens
Olloclip x5 Macro Lens

Software used:
Apple Photos
Final Cut Pro X

Music by Daniel Avery

‘Cloud 909’ Glitching Experiment


Iv always been obsessed with creating disturbance and distortions on analog recordings. But sat by my computer twiddling my tumbs, I decided to give a go at sticking purely with what I could create with my phone.
Taking pictures from the web and creating destroyed, glitched out messes with a handful of glitching apps and then taking the images and using VDMX to animate layers, I created a continuous take recorded again with my phone and imported to ableton where I arranged the clips. Only a couple of hours work, but an interesting idea for a future video project.

Music by LONE

[SPLASH009] “Seapunk Volume 2” – Coral Records Internazionale

Coral, TSARS

Title : Seapunk Volume 2

Label : Coral Records Internazionale
Release Date : December 15, 2013
Catalogue Number : [SPLASH009]

Limited Edition Compact Disc [100 Copies]

DJ Mix by : TSARS
Video by : Frank Wallace

Official Release Track Listing :

2. Talk – Memorial
3. 25indica – SSS
4. Fina – 4 (The Beat) O’Clock
5. Vtgnike – Sladka Yagoda
6. Seablaze – Senpai’s Touch
7. Luke’s Anger – Biscuit Trap
8. Anthony Foster – P
9. Hypo77 – Fleeting Moment
10. Umbertron – Fleshdance
11. SICH MANG – Bambi
12. DJ Earl – Break
13. Golden Boy – Mikazuki 5
14. Pimpspomp (Luvraw & DJ Mayaku) – Paya
15. Fazerock – Dunkin’ Donuts Without Milk
16. Lars Warn – Germs

Get the release here – http://coralrecords.bandcamp.com/albu…
Merchandise Available through – http://www.MAINFRAME.im